Cafe Society British Style

It is often said, well I say it endlessly anyway which is why I have no friends, that drinking in Britain is nothing like as sociable and pleasant as on the continent. However we have found that our Carousel Bar, star of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, achieved just that.

Perhaps it was the Art Deco surroundings we created. We built a bar that is very much like the Moulin Rouge in Paris but without the risque dancing girls, famous artists and raucous music. In fact nothing like the Moulin Rouge at all but we can dream.

Perhaps it was the spacious areas and comfortable seating away from the revolving centre piece.

Perhaps it was the friendly staff and jovial atmosphere.

Perhaps it was the wonderful family visitors who came and enjoyed this fun feature, who ate, drank and socialised in our delightful drinking den, and you can share this by booking our Carousel Bar for your event too. Just give us a call.